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BMA Group specializes in Mediterranean food supplies for restaurants, hotels, bars and other catering outlets. We offer the richest flavors of Arabic, Greek and Turkish cuisine.
We propose, among others, olives, pitted and stuffed, stuffed peppers, goat cheese, cow and sheep, cereal, rice, dried fruits, spices and oriental sweets. We guarantee fresh and carefully selected products, competitive, affordable prices, the highest quality and unique taste and aroma.
Feel in Poland ... like on the Mediterranean Sea!



Recommended products:
  • Pepperoni stuffed with cheese 2,4 kg

    Kalamata olives colossal 121-140 2 kg

    Green olives pitted 2 kg

    Oliwa z oliwek extra virgin 1l

  • Figs Lerida N2 5kg

    Figs Protoben 500 g N3

    Cut pineapple for pizza 3100 ml

    Pepperoni stuffed with cheese 5 kg

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